What Do True Leaders Do FIRST?

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The topic of the film was, the political voyage of a person, who was a real, under – dog, who believed, had little prospect of winning, and the transformation, and eventual winning of his effort, though, he was not really ready for the position. The key, line, in this movie, was when the personality, immediately after his victory, turned to his principle assists, and inquired, What would I do, now? We frequently consider and discuss, a few of the characteristics and resources, quality leaders have and need, butthis guide will try, to briefly consider, analyze, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic strategy, what a true leader, must do, FIRST.

1. Focus; face facts; future; supply; fruition: Everything needs to start, with owning the essential attention, to face reality, in a relevant manner! How one looks to the future, and whether it’s realistic, relevant, and sustainable, frequently, furnishes the foundation, for bringing one’s plans, to some positive, fruition!

2. Imagination; exude confidence; ethics: How can anybody be considered, a pioneer, unless/ until he instills confidence, in those he serves, and represents! This necessitates absolute integrity, together with the self – confidence, discipline, and willingness/ ability, to move ahead with an excellent creativity, considering as many viable alternatives, and options, as you can!

3. Relevant; responsive; recommendations: Begin by focusing on relevant, sustainable demands, and endeavor to be, as reactive, as you can! A true leader has to be prepared, and able, to articulate quality recommendations, in the best interests of this team, and stakeholders!

4. Service; system; sustainable solutions: How can anybody be contemplated, a pioneer, until/ unless, his main focus, is on quality, purposeful, relevant support?

5. Trends; timely: It is not leading, should you refuse to expand the self – imposed limitations and restrictions, of your own, comfort zone! Rather, a real pioneer, considers New York City Animal Control, and decides, which could make the group stronger, more sustainable and relevant! He proceeds, forwards, avoiding the temptation, to procrastinate, and moves forward, in a well – recognized, timely way.

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