Against Crime

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In our times, lots of people would tell us to do all of the proper things, to do great deeds, etc and so forth; others plead or would pray or might be considering praying and beseeching on the ground of faith and hope somewhere in their lives; still others help or might help the poor or thinking about assisting them somewhere in their lives. Conversely, there is apparently only a very few who inquire or would ask or may be considering asking people – somewhere in their own lives – not to commit crime, not to do ill to others, to not engage in bad deeds or unethical actions; the reason being most people commit offenses ourselves or are engaged in this or that sort of lousy deed or, let’s say, unethical actions.

The most critical problem of our time is that even though we do lots of good things, at precisely the exact same time we’re also doing lots of bad things. We are in need of those who will identify and make a list of prevailing crimes, ill-doings, and bad-deeds; and inspire others to steer clear of them.

It might be the case that only a few people who are really sincere, honest, pious, and noble are competent and qualified to embark on this most critical venture. The rest of us might not have the morale that’s so crucial for this purpose. Whatever the case, we could make a conscious, concerted, and organized attempt to improve our morale and become competent and qualified for this? Under proper guidance, those that have a fantastic spirit can probably reach up to these height; because, what one needs to get a excellent harvest is a very fertile land. A bit of fertile land might be filled with marijuana, serpents, and cactus due to persistent neglect; however if one clears the land of all these unwanted things before sowing the desirable seeds, an individual can hope for a excellent yield.

We are in need of leagues and clubs where regular talks and debates will be held on the ways and means to inspire people to not commit crimes. In a nutshell, we want serious, comprehensive, and extensive’organizational attempt’ to make others less likely to commit crime, led by men and women that are worthy of these noble venture.

It’s not difficult for the media to inspire people to get engaged in great, benevolent acts and dissuade them to commit crime as they have the ability to attain a substantial number of people. With the support of documentaries, case studies, real life stories, videos, dramas, and other kinds of apps, media can play a major role in inspiring individuals to not commit crime; first of all, by demonstrating clearly the terrible things that could happen to any person engaged in crime. To put it differently, media can show in excellent detail the numerous advantages of stopping offense and bad deeds. This would provide individuals with good and real motives for stopping offense.

These programs will pave the way for rehabilitation of the offenders and ill-doers, while developing a greater social consensus against crime and extra-curricular actions. On the other hand, it’s not merely a poor, but also a harmful practice for the press to reveal and/or describe a crime in detail. By studying such detail, those who did not understand how to commit the offense would come to understand itand, at least, few among them might want to try it. For, such clinics would allow people understand the ways and means of committing the offense, then, would encourage people who have criminal minds to commit exactly the same.

Thus, to create his mind receptive to great and noble guidance; he, first of all, has to be convinced that whatever he’s doing is not the perfect thing to do and, thereby, he should redeem himself that he can obtain the things that are great, noble, and beneficial for himself and the society.

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