A Good Neighbor

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My Granddaddy once said that one hand washes the other! This means when you help somebody else out you’re really helping out yourself. Yet, lots of individuals tend to overlook this simple secret of success and continue to believe only about their own issues. Sad, is not it?

Nowadays, we are living in the midst of a large tossed salad which we once called a melting pot. A century after attempting to assimilate everyone, we now realize that the value of diversity and the distinct differences between individuals. The wiser ones among us celebrate and revel in this feast of a terrific big tossed salad full of all kinds of interesting and different neighbors from all over the world. Hey, it’s only a simple fact, today our world differs, our neighbors are distinct, and we also are different than we used to be, and that is okay.

When we help others, we’re building better relationships, and improved abilities.

“What abilities?” you ask.

Well, how about the important social skills? By helping and mingling with other people we’re building our capacity to socialize with other people, a.k.a. social abilities. Incidentally, many specialists, including writer Daniel Goleman of, Emotional Intelligence: Why it Can Matter More Than IQ, considers that social skills or social intelligences, something he also describes emotional intelligence or EQ is getting more important than IQ when it comes to success in the 21st century. So let us be good neighbors and build our own social skills on our road to creating a stronger life for ourselves and our neighbors.

Remember to always be a great neighbor. And once more, thanks in advance for all that you do, and everything you will do…

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